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Larry Wymer & Associates Traffic Engineering provides traffic data collection services (including intersection turning movement counts) at competitive rates. We strive to be as responsive to your needs as possible because we recognize that the completion and receipt of traffic counts in a timely manner is a critical path item in your project’s schedule.

Please contact us to obtain a bid for traffic data collection services within the extended Sacramento and Seattle metropolitan regions, as well as throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and western Nevada.

The traffic data you get will be collected, reviewed, and summarized with the same thoroughness and high level of quality and accuracy that clients have come to expect from Larry Wymer for the past twenty-six years. We are also available to analyze the collected data and summarize the results within an engineering report. For an immediate response to your data collection request, please call and leave a message for Larry Wymer at (916) 768-6158. Otherwise, please send your data collection request (or questions) to Larry Wymer.


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